December 10, 2019

What is Artificial intelligence in simple language?

• Artificial intelligence (AI) is the core branch of computer science which making an intelligence machine by using computer programming.
• In simple word, AI is a human intelligence or senses in the machine which thinks like a human.
• AI is all about the machine can think they can generate data in their system by sensing the situation under some instruction.

Artificial intelligence (AI) machine can do some below activities:

1) Speech recognition
2) Learning
3) Planning
4) Problem-solving
5) Ability to manipulate
6) Object detection

• The main objective to create Artificial intelligence (AI) is to solve a complicated problem, handle the task such as manipulation, navigation, motion detector, motion mapping, planning.

• Now a day we have a lot of tasks can be automated in the technology industry.
• It becomes necessary for the technology industry to improve its productivity.

There are two types of AI:
1) Weak AI (Narrow AI): Weak AI is for particular tasks such as Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.
2) Strong AI: Strong AI which can think like human they can find the solution of complicated task without any human intervention.

Some important application of artificial intelligence:
1) Ecommerce artificial intelligence: These websites are recommending that product based on your past purchased. They are providing auto chat boat to guiding customer.

2) Driverless cars: Tesla Autopilot and Google’s Driverless car already moved towards that AI in Automobile. Cars acting like they are the assistant of their owners. They can do collision detection, navigation, safe parking, blind-spot monitoring.

3) Banking and finance: For robotic machine is very easy to analyze and forecast to change in stock trends as compared to human intelligence. It plays a very important role in a safe online transaction.

4) Health care industry: Small robots can do surgery which replaces the multiple doctors’ assistant and multiple machines.

5) Manufacturing industry: AI makes industry smart, quality checking, Faster maintenance, more reliable design, supply chain communication.

  • Advantages of Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • AI would work at high accuracy rate and faster than humans  .
    •  Deep learning AI can think across the moment which takes year to think in human.
    • They don’t need to relax sleep, emotion, entertainment, they don’t get tired taken work 24 x 7.
    • They can give sexual satisfaction too.
    • They can guide people in daily life routine like  a cooking guide ,personality development tips, health tips, relationship tips etc.
    • Robotic pets can entertains human.
    • It can work even in dangerous places where human work is impossible.
    • AI can think beyond human. So this can easily make our hard-to-reach difficult.
  • Disadvantages of Artificial intelligence (AI)

 Robots are risks related to the hacking of the system.
 AI is directly challenged to the creativity of employees.
 Robots are replacing servel jobs which having a repetitive task.
 A human can lose their mental capacity because they are already too dependent on technology.
 It requires hefty of money for hardware and software staffing, and maintenance
 It is difficult to control over a decision taken by a robot.

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