December 10, 2019

New technology in agriculture in India [2019]

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy.  As per the 2018 survey 50% of people employed in agriculture. India ranks second worldwide in for output. it contributed  17% – 18% countries GDP. Now day Artificial intelligence technology used in agriculture in India.

Due to a lack of other income source opportunities in the vicinity. We know that agriculture is the main source of livelihood in rural areas.

But the big tooth is about 43% of households in rural areas are landless that shows the fact that the majority of the rural population depends on agriculture labors. Many problems being faced by farmers, some of them are:

  • Most of the farmers depend on monsoons for irrigation.
  •  the water and electricity instead of providing farmers provided to alcohol and sugar mill factory which cause dried crops.
  •  farmer leader does not belong farming profession political often miss guides the farmer.
  •  the farmer doesn’t have marketing skill. middleman take these advantages.  they are is like tobacco for farmers which is too harmful to them.
  •  small farmer difficult to make enough profit in their produce.
  •  degradation of land and soil.

Nowadays technology plays a very important role in farming industries. it is absolutely critical to the Agro Industries be the production stage,  processing stage, marketing and packaging stage. Modern methods of agriculture in India helps a lot to a farmer in the above stages.

Agricultural Technology food plays a very vital role in addressing the issues and concerns relating to the conservation and management of rural sources. 

Here some of the New technology used in agriculture in India.

Driverless tractors:

driver less mahindra tractor

A Tractor is the heart of the agriculture industry. The driverless tractor is a vehicle that develops high torque at low speed. It can operate without a driver using programming and sensors so it is known as driverless tractors. This is a very nice advancement in agriculture technology.

Driverless tractors observe objection in lands such as People, animal and any other objects While performing their task. Supervised learning Technology uses GPS wireless Technology to firm land without interference by the driver.

In Sep 2017 Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.manufacturer of the tractor launch the first driverless tractor based on GPS technology. This tractor can also lift tools from the ground recognized boundaries of from operated remotely via a tablet. Price of the driverless tractor around 2700 USD per vehicle.

Meanwhile looking at the future, India also has a driverless electric tractor which developed by Auto NXT Automation. A startup based in Mumbai which is run by Kaustubh dhonde, an Electrical Engineer.

Agricultural Drone:

Agricultural drones in india

Drones are the latest technology have a sensors camera used for optimizing water supplied to plant, recognized of land monitoring, spray, soil analysis, irrigation, etc.

Dron is also called UAV propeller of drone fixed vertically. It’s body parts made up of light composite material so that it becomes more controllable. Agricultural drone has four nozzles fixed carries up to 20-liter pesticide.

However, it works on drone-based on the latest GPS technology infrared and technology so that it becomes more controllable and precise.

It can be controlled from 500-meter radius .it carries lithium-ion rechargeable battery after full charging it can be used for 12 hr.

In closed drone loss, their network connection with their remote and low charging of battery drone will automatically return to their pre-decided some position. Before starting the crop cycle if create 3D man to avoid any accident while performing their task.

Price of the agricultural drone is  5 liter around Rs 3.5 Lakh for 10 liters is 10.3 lakh.

Information technology in agriculture:

E- Choupal

Information technology is a branch of engineering which the application of computers and telecommunications to retrieve, store and transmit information.

It is a potential tool for improving decision making in agriculture. It can also improve farm management and farming technology.

The main benefits are the improvement and strengthening of the agricultural sector include timely weather forecasts and calamities. It helps for better marketing exposure and pricing and reduction of agricultural risk and enhanced income.

E-Agriculture plays a very important role to increase food production and production and productivity in India.

The new technology consists of a motherboard of a computer system. By this technology, monitoring the humidity temperature, wind speed, and radiation as well as the element that enable wireless connectivity between the greenhouses mobile device.

Agricultural adviser services in India:
Here you can find modern methods of agriculture in India.

  • I Kisan
  • Nokia life tool
  • MRC India
  • TCS
  • Airtel
  • E- Chopal

Weeder Rotavator/ Power tiller:

power tiller in india

Mechanization of agriculture increasing day by day which comes new forming revolving in the agrarian country.

Weeder rotavator/Tiller is the best machine for small scale agricultural. It grabbing more eyeball to some actually valid reasons. In 2005-06 sales around 2500 units per year and almost doubled around 55,000 in 2015-16.

Out of total cultivation in India, about 85% of the area is marginal and small (1-2 hectares). For small and marginal landholder tractor is unprofitable.

Weeder rotavators are significantly less costly than tractor. It will be more affordable by most of the farmers in India price between 15000-40000.

Solar water pumps for agriculture:

solar water pumps for agriculture"

Due to lack of grid connection of electricity in many rural areas, large sets of diesel pump are used. For small farmer maintenance cost running cost affordable.

The solar photovoltaic water pump system can easily affordable by small landholder farmers.

Government programs also provide installing a pumping system as per the requirement in addition they getting subsidy along with a bank loan facility.

A solar photovoltaic pumping system is used to convert solar energy into electrical energy by using that pumping system work.

This pumping system also avoids the cost of procuring and transporting these fuels. It’s eco-friendly which reduces the carbon footprint from our environment.

The solar pump consists of a major part:

  1.  Photovoltaic panels ( solar panel )
  2. Pump motor
  3. Controlling system

Cost of the solar pump around 

1 HP – 1,00,000 INR

2HP-  2,50,000 INR

5HP- 3,30,000 INR

10HP- 6,00,000 INR

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