December 10, 2019
Smartphone Usage

How smartphone made our life smart [Essay]

In this article, We are going to discuss about essay about mobile phone & advantages and disadvantages

Smartphone plays a very important role in our life. From beginning to the end of the day we are connected to a smartphone.

 We can connect to within a second to our friends, family, and other relatives because of it.

Today we can talk face to face with anyone across the world much a higher level of communication is possible by it.

According to the 2018 survey given that, there are 2.7 billion smartphone users around the world. 62% of smartphone purchases on the device around the world. Top hundred vendors are contributing to 77% of the global smartphone market.

The smartphone is a device that can do many things then the computer can. Best smartphones can easily for taking pictures, making videos, across the internet, entertainment, meeting, chatting, making money online and loved one.

As their name smartphone, these are smart and also make you smart. As technology was the mobile phone becoming similar and more useful with many factors. Today mobile phones are available in a various variety having different technical specifications.

The most important use of mobile phones in our daily life.

Essay about mobile phone advantages and disadvantages

A storehouse of information:

We can access information about anything without much difficulty within a second. 

Google mapping:

With the help of Google Maps, we can find any locations traffic, distance between place, the time required to reach any place, etc.

many wheels are available on the Google map like satellite, cycling, traffic these modes are used for different purposes.

E-Commerce app:

It is a very popular is too profitable for both consumers and suppliers.people eliminating shopping in the physical shop because of E-Commerce available 24/7 at a lowest price free delivery at home and discount also.

Movies and music:

These are very convenient and can we the greatest source of entertainment. Nowadays Netflix, music app, vidmate becoming much popular.

Social media networking:

Any news about wire like a current flows in a circuit. Such power as social media networking. It is also used for promoting business, making the brand, making online, money increasing sell.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, more popular this day.

Financial transactions:

Today the mobile phone says a lot of time that we waste in the queue in the bank, mobile recharge shop, railway reservation counter, etc. Money transfer convenient at your fingerprint possible by mobile phones.

Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in points:

Advantages of using a smartphone:

Smartphones make our life is really smart complaining about any product, purchasing products, information about new products become easy. You need to go to the shop gallery just sitting at home you can do it.

Whenever you feel bored just unlock your smartphone watch movies, see Facebook posting, stories, videos, Snapchat you will be happy. It can make your waiting time joyful. You can keep entertainment yourself.

Many good teachers provide their lectures on YouTube free of cost. Online teaching channels are more popular like the Wi-Fi study, Mahindra group, unacademy, current affairs funda, etc.

YouTube channel helping those students who are preparing for government examination. 

It helps a lot for that student who doesn’t have money to join the class. Online teaching becomes a more conceptual and easy way of learning.

With smartphones, much easier to check your email, social media messages. 

No need to go to the bank for checking balance. you can book your movie ticket railway ticket on your fingertips.

Smartphone helps search for a driver and tourist. Using Google maps you can reach your destination by avoiding traffic jams.

 You can connect your phone to a car audio device and blast whistle your driving.

A smartphone can connect and sync in the cloud. you can have access to all information, file, pictures, maps timelines, notes, etc. 

No matter where you are. If your phone is lost no need to worry about information with the single email id you can access every information without too much difficulty.

Business professionals can access business communication, meeting on a smartphone. Market rates, share price, buying and selling of shares is possible on a smartphone.

Smartphone helps agriculture a lot, by using the agricultural app. The farmer can estimate weather conditions, market price, get new about new government schemes, they also know about new technology in India in agriculture, etc.

G Father more miscellaneous apps of the smartphone which replaces many physical devices like recorder calculator camera, compass, spirit level, torch, etc.

Disadvantages of a smartphone:

Biggest disadvantages of the smartphone are privacy stolen. if a smartphone is stolen then your privacy information no longer private. So it becomes very important to lock your phone when it is standby.

 If by mistake your private pics leaked on a social group or social media anyone can take advantage of this by blackmailing you. So you need to be cautious about your smartphone.

A teenager or younger any is a group of people can easily be distracted with a smartphone.

 You have to be careful while walking to avoid any accidents. Many accidents are happening in metro cities because of listening to music through headphones not paying attention to signals. It is necessary to keep mobile silent when we are meeting in college.

Someone feels disrespectful when they talking with you and you are paying attention to the phone.

Sleep deprivation problem comes to heavy cell phone users. Your phones emitting radiation every time and this can be absorbed by tissues. You should need to rest your body so try to not use a smartphone at late midnight.

Heavy use of smartphones can damage your eyes. In our smartphone many interesting games, like chat, story, many things which are related to addiction.

Almost everyone checks the notification immediately when they wake up in the morning. Because of an interesting awesome teenager are more addicted to the phone they lose their concentration.

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