December 10, 2019
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Best 7 Apps for Agriculture in India

Given that, No other income sources available in the vicinity therefor almost half of the country’s livelihood depends on agriculture. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Digital India program in July 2015, for empowering the rural community, enhancing digital delivery of services and promoting digital literacy in India. Digitalization gives apps for agriculture in India which helps the Indian farmers.

 Digital India program would help to increase the Awareness of the modern method of agriculture in India. To increase the profitability and rural business to offer value-added services. Artificial intelligence brings new technology in agriculture like Agricultural Drone, Driverless tractor, etc.

 The information technology and telecommunication technology in India (ICT)  used to helping the transformation of localized Information and making farming environmentally, Socially,  economically stable.

Digital agriculture app which helps to aware of Government agriculture schemes, weather forecast market trade and other local important information about farming, nearby Farming.

 Here the Best 7 Apps for agriculture in India :

1.    Agri app

Agri app

It has 4.4 ratings out of 5.100k+ downloads with 44 MB in size.

This app is about M-commerce, POPs, crop calendar, news, videos and also so you can chat with an expert. The app is mostly used for letter agriculture news and each crops their cultivation management for each other.

This is anything agriculture ecosystem with the digital world and acquired me the farmer with the modern method of agriculture in India.

  2.   IFfFCO  Kisan Agriculture app

  IFfFCO  Kisan Agriculture app

 IFFCO Kisan is the most popular number one app for farming. it has 4.1 ratings out of 5, 500k+  downloads with 16 MB in size.

This app provides Indian Kisan information about the latest  Mandi price, market trade, weather forecast, best agricultural advice, practice tips related to agriculture, agricultural news, animal husbandry,  and government scheme, etc.

However, This app provides agricultural information in 11 languages in a text , audio clip for farmers so it can also useable who are comfortable for their own language.

  • Weather
  •  Market or Mandi
  •  Ask expert
  •  Gyan Bhandar
  •  Helpline
  •  Setting

3.  Farm Bee-BML Farmer app

Farm Bee-BML Farmer

Farm bee BML farmer 4 ratings out of 5, 500k+  download and 7.4 MB in size. This app is best for Maharashtra people because it is in the Marathi language.

Best look best localized agricultural methods with the help of articles, visuals, videos, and audios.

It provides a top agricultural solution for farmers and crops for specific problems. You can access market price commodity, weather, forecast as well as news related to the can also get success story throughout the year.

4. Kisan Yojana app:

Kisan Yojana app

Kisan Yojana app 4.4 ratings Out of 5,100K+  download with 3.8 MB size.

 it is the most popular app for farmers in India this app actually fills the gap between the farmers and knowledge about agriculture. This app is famous for providing awareness about government schemes.

it is only in the Marathi language so, It is best for Maharashtra people because 

5. Agri media video app:

 Agri media video app

Agri media video app is highly rated 4.8 out of 5, 50K+ downloads and 17 MB in size. it would provide information about plant protection IPM practice.

Provide video education about rural development khetibadi, agribusiness, activity marketing of Agricultural product.

Provide scientific video about specific crop oilseeds crop Centred crop Cash crop pulse crop fruit crop vegetable crop flowers spices and condiments. 

6. Kisan network app

Kisan network app

The network is the best Hindi agriculture app which has 4.7 ratings out of 5, 500k+ downloads and 9.3 MB in size.

It provides weather forecast crop information ( farming method, irrigation). information about farming major crops Eaddy Dhan, ganna, wheat, etc.

Latest updated price of Seeds of Crop, mandi rate, organic Vidhi se ropai, buai, etc. The modern method of agriculture in India also provides a search for your Bhulekh therefor, they can easily search their land.

7. Krishify app


Fabulous is a fabulous app for Krishi.  it 4.5 rating 100k+  downloads and 9.6 MB size.

 Krishify provides agricultural tips, crop advisory, plant protection, Agri event, and weather forecast.

 enable you to get crop suggestion from Agri export and crop advisor.

 it gives very informative videos. Understand various kheti techniques from your nearby Kisan

 it gives very informative videos. Understand various kheti techniques from your nearby Kisan

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